Funding Care Now

For many elderly people it will be too late to buy insurance.  In such cases it may be worth considering an Immediate Care Plan.  This is a form of annuity which guarantees to pay a certain income for life in return for a lump sum payment.  Several insurers are prepared to offer higher incomes for impaired lives, that is if the assured's medical condition indicates they have a lower than average life expectancy.

We are happy to work with families on a face-to-face basis whenever possible.  Whichever way you prefer to work with us, we will tailor our service to your requirements.  We are also happy to work with other professionals such as your Accountant or Solicitor.

Often we get involved when you are concerned about...

Long Term Care for your Parent/Relative

You are worried that...

  • their money for Long Term Care may run out in the future
  • they would like to stay in their chosen home for the rest of their life
  • they don't want to be a burden on you if Cost of Care becomes too high

Entering a Residential/Nursing Home Now

You are worried that...

  • you will use all your capital paying for Care Fees
  • your money for Care will not meet rising Care costs indefinitely
  • you can't stay in your chosen home or your own house
  • you won't be able to leave anything for your children and grandchildren
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